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Say hi to Jelly Bean. Isn’t she cute right?! By shopping with us, you’re helping her and many other kitties to become big and healthy cats, and find their best forever home.

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We’re made of cats

With all the cats we’ve seen, we’re definitely made of fur now. Fostering, cat sitting, we’re always thinking and surrounded by cat. That’s why you’re at the best place to find cat toys, merchandise and fun facts about cats!


All our toys are play-tested by our many amazing fosters. So you can be sure that they’re the safest you’ll find on the market!


We’re a proud supporter of Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association. We’re making a donation with each sale. Be part of over $14,000 donated to VOKRA so far!


We hope that your cat and you will have as much fun as we did designing and making our products!